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Welcome to the official Hip Hop 4' Kidz™ website. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. Here at Hip Hop 4' Kidz™ we strive to help improve social and academic development skills for all student learners. Our team is about social and academic development through emotional literacy and the arts. We are here to help teachers and parents support children in Pre-K through 6th grade. We work extra hard to integrate the Common Core State Standards with our Hip Hop 4' Kidz™ curriculum.

We provide several different programs; Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™ Book of Rhymes (educational story books), Musical Rhymes (fun, social and academic based, knowledge and skills' songs & videos), The Adventures of Hip Hop 4’ Kids in Small Whirl County(Animation Series), Hip Hop Huppets (our Muppet Series), Just A Minute 4’ Kidz (our 60 second public service announcements by kids), and our Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™ Curriculum, including countless lesson plans, worksheets, assessments, etc. Our formula is simple, fun beats with children friendly lyrics, structured to educate and uplift.

We are currently under new revisions as it relates to our annual membership. As of now, membership shall be suspended indefinitely. During the interim you may have free access with the option to download our social and academic materials (music files, videos, worksheets, etc.) Our products/paraphernalia may be purchased at our shopping center. We will be adding material regularly. Please visit regularly for updates, announcements, and added materials.

To learn more about us, click here. Please take the time to explore our various resources and products. On Facebook? "Like Us Now & Love Us Later!". Again, thank you and welcome aboard! #teamhh4k