About Us

  • When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
    ~ Joan W. Donaldson
  • Believe and you will achieve.
    ~ Jasmine
  • Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.
    ~ William Arthur Ward
  • Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
    ~ Theodore Roosevelt
  • It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.
    ~ Epictetus
  • Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
    ~ Thomas Edison
  • You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have.
    ~ Jim Rohn
  • You always pass failure on the way to success.
    ~ Mickey Rooney
  • Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.
    ~ Ralph Vaull Starr

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an alternative educational source for learning. We will do that by providing a “Hip Hop 4’ Kidz Curriculum” for teachers and parents. Children will have the luxury of having fun while learning. We strive to create and/or innovate instructional methods that will meet the needs of our target population (k-5th/6th grade). By this, we will offer multi-media Common Core State Standard curriculum-based material, designed for classroom use facilitated by those who educate. In addition, we will provide parent-based guides to assist in home-instruction and social development.

Our Purpose

Giving kids hip-hop music that is optimistic and life affirming is at the core of our Brooklyn, New York, based, educational and social skill movement. The results speak for themselves, and with our educational music (musical rhymes), your child will enjoy fun, fast & slow paced music that gets them listening and moving to lyrics that teach constructive behaviors, positive attitudes, and enriched life skills. Our main purpose is to initiate emotional-literacy through social development based songs. We produce positive songs to unlock negative aggressive behavior, which impedes many children from developing appropriately.

Our Story

The story of how Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™ got started goes far back as 1993. A time when Hip Hop was shifting from self-awareness and self-consciousness to a more abrasively aggressive style of culture in hip hop.

In 1993 Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™ started as a concept by Mr. Blackfoot U-Ahk. It was more like, as U-Ahk states, “hip hop’s for kids!” A spoof from the Trix cereal box cliché "tricks are for kids". An added touch of wordplay similar to "Toys R' Us" gave it its own flavor, hence, Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™.

Hip-hop was one of his major outlets as a teenager to a young adult for self-esteem building and identity formation. “Although we’re fascinated by the beats, the rhythms, and the hypnotic sounds, many lyrics are regressive, demeaning and exploitative”. It wasn’t until 1996 that the concept came into manifestation. It was Mr. U-Ahk's passion for inspiring music that brought about the idea of changing what children were exposed to.

In 1996 his college colleague and good friend Mr. Lee Stone, were experimenting with songs at Grandma’s Hands Studio in Queens, NY. “Lee and I immediately knew that we were on to something” says Mr. U-Ahk. While fooling around they wrote a song called "Where my cows at?" The flow was spoofing DMX's "Where my dogs at?" . The fun was in the mix. They then expanded on songs that would enhance learning. We noticed that something in mainstream music had changed. The lyrical content in this music heard on television, on the radio, and in the streets had become more and more inappropriate. The subject matter is often overly suggestive but the music is so dynamic and exciting that youngsters can’t help but jump, bounce and clap to it. Unfortunately — yet inevitably — the words are absorbed and innocently spewed out, leaving parents and educators in a dilemma.

The most pressing problem facing concerned parents in reference to music is,‘‘how do I allow my child to enjoy and appreciate music when I find it offensive?’’ Many opt to forbid youngsters from listening, some attempt to censor, others let the children listen and hope that they are too young to be affected. Well, we believe it is time for an enjoyable, workable solution, Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™


In 1997 their efforts produced "School's N' Session!", a classic cd with upbeat and contemporary tracks combined with educational and child appropriate lyrics.

Many people were fascinated with the product, however, marketing it was a problem. No-one knew how to get it off the ground. … Back to the lab! It took years of study, going back to school, and research, to develop the concept. It took trials, errors, pilots, and treatments.

In 2008 Mr. Lee Stone received his Masters in Social Work, and is currently working on his PhD at Adelphi New York.

In 2010 Mr. Blackfoot received his Bachelor of Science at the State University of New York at Old Westbury in Early Childhood Education with a dual Certification in Special Education, and he received a minor in Politics, Economics, and Law. Mr Blackfoot worked diligently for years conjuring up plans to enhance Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™

In 2012 The year we decided to make another hard effort in bringing this together. With Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™ there is no need for parents to censor or forbid their children from jumping, bouncing and clapping to hip-hop. Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™ has arrived again!


Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™ uses the power of hip-hop music as a positive influence which will eventually incorporate an early childhood curriculum that reflects the national Common Core State Standards. In addition, and at the same time, keeping it fun, exciting, and motivating while retaining the essence of hip hop music. Children love music! They love to dance to it, sing to it, march to it, and wiggle to it. They memorize the lyrics and groove to the sounds of the same old songs each time they hear them as if it were the first. No other activity has the same effect. Hip Hop 4’ Kidz™ Musical Rhymes will give adults peace of mind and allow children to have fun and learn in a world of their own. The richness and benefits of such a concept are unparalleled.


In 2013 it’s “Teamhh4k” let’s go! ...Have fun & keep your seat belts on!!

“A true Educator locates the intelligence and abilities within another, drawing them out for all, even the student, to see. And then steps out of the way, allowing them to develop, create and pursue their talent.” ~ L. Ron Hubbard


hiphop 4 kidz team

Our Team



Alena Greenidge, Voice-overs, singer, dancer
Brandon Bueso, Actor, dancer
Chyna Greenidge, Voice-overs, singer, dancer
Cyrus Commodore, Kid Reporter for "Just A Minute 4' Kidz", dancer, actor
Djmal Minor, Dancer, singer, sign language specialist
Robert Minor, Singer, Dancer, sign language specialist
Jewel Greenidge II, Voice-overs, singer, dancer
Moshe Heyward, Kid Reporter for "Just A Minute 4' Kidz", dancer, actor, model


Volunteer & Staff Supporters:

Almond Adams, Personal Assistant, Event Planner & Promoter
Ayanna Gabriel, Singer & Volunteer
Ahahai Hundley, Professional voice-over for third verse in Get'n Wavy!
Benumerata Muhammad, Rapper, writer for second verse in Get’n Wavy & Ice Cream-n-Chips
Doreen Dubia, Personal Assistant
Felicia Boone, Teacher
Isis Stanley, Promoter & Dancer
Jerome A. Edwards, Rapper, Actor
Kadyn Velez, Teacher
Karyn Young, Personal Assistant, Event Planner & Promoter
Liana McComie, Editor, writer, co-founder of The Wise Pigs
Lysin Wilz, Writer, Rapper, Volunteer
Michelle Wilcher, Teacher
Rahima Wachuku, Actor
Shaqueena Murreld, Volunteer
Trevor Thomas, Photographer
Tynasha Tucker, Volunteer
Victoria Kickles, Professional voice-overs
Vincent Parker, Actor, singer
Yvette Lee Kang!!, Photographer